10 Companies That Hire Applicants With Criminal Records

Arran Stewart

Arran Stewart

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Not very long ago, criminals had very little access to finding a job. Those who went to prison from criminal charges were typically under the assumption they would have difficulty finding a job for the rest of their life.

But our society is quickly realizing that the way the workforce treats those with criminal records is unfair. There are even organizations, such as Ban the Box, that work towards providing more opportunities for former criminals.

Today, those with criminal records have more job opportunities than ever before. However, those who recently served time may not know what their options are. This article will discuss ten companies that hire applicants with criminal records.

10 Companies Hiring Ex-Offenders

There are numerous companies out there that hire applicants with criminal records. But not every company has always had this mindset. Many companies change their hiring policies over time.

1. Chipotle

This Mexican grill has a large and strong fanbase. The work atmosphere of the restaurant chain is about taking care of customers, employees and serving quality natural food.

As a result, Chipotle is more than forgiving about most past criminal charges. Ex-felons are always under consideration when they apply for a position at Chipotle. The restaurant chain is often busy, and extra hands can always help - this is especially true as they move towards a $15/hr minimum wage .

It is uncertain exactly when Chiptole has put its hiring policy into place. However, Chipotle has a reputation for being flexible in its hiring requirements and encourages everyone to apply for open positions.

2. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a popular retail store that sells candles, soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, and more. All of the employees typically have an upbeat attitude and are always ready to help.

Bath and Body Works has very little discrimination when hiring employees. Former felons qualify to get a job at the company as well. The company does not openly talk about its hiring policies on its website.

But Bath and Body Works is part of the Fair Chance Business Pledge . This pledge encourages companies to refrain from discriminating against former felons and offenders during any of their hiring processes.

3. Apple

Apple has had an interesting journey in terms of where they stand on hiring ex-felons. At one point in 2015 , Apple would not allow anyone who was an ex-felon to help with the construction of their headquarters.

However, Apple is now part of the Ban the Box campaign. This campaign works to remove the box on applications that asks if the applicant has had previous felonies or convictions.

Now the company is accepting of all applicants regardless of whether you have former felonies or not. Apple is constantly working to improve its hiring process to this day. The company fights to hire more people of color, and other members of minority communities.

4. Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is a popular car maintenance and repair shop. Those who want to work there will not have to worry about prior convictions on their record.

This company focuses on the quick and efficient maintenance of cars. As long as you know your way around a car, Jiffy Lube is not a company that likes to discriminate.

They have a lot of positions that do not require you to interact with customers, which is a great start for many ex-felons where interacting with people is not their strong suit due to anxiety or being away for some time.

5. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is another shop that does not discriminate against those with prior convictions. Those who work at Ace Hardware help others figure out what tools they need to complete any project.

Unlike some other sites, Ace is fairly open about its employment policies . Ace works to employ anyone regardless of race, gender, orientation, and more. This company also works with the Ban the Box organization, as well as the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

6. Ikea

Ikea is a famous retail chain. You might be familiar with the store due to its large size, the abundance of furniture or even their Swedish meatballs.

This retail chain does not discriminate against ex-felons. The company may run a background check just to see who they may be working with. But in the interview section of the Ikea website , there is nothing about needing to be free of former felonies.

Ikea takes good care of their employees in general. The company provides parental leave, discounts, pet insurance, and a retirement fund. All of these options can be especially helpful for someone who is an ex-felon.

7. AT&T

AT&T is a broadband company. Working for AT&T does not require a completely clean record. However, AT&T may be a little bit more restrictive than some of the other entries on this list.

The Indeed review site explains that AT&T will hire ex-felons, but they are particular about the felonies in question. Some offenses, such as sexual violence crimes, may rule out an applicant.

8. The New York Times

Working for The New York Times is a dream for a lot of people. Having a criminal record does not have to mean giving up on that dream. If you desire to be a professional writer or journalist, there are still options available to you.

The New York Times has an entire section on its webpage about diversity and inclusion in its hiring process. Although this section does not specifically mention ex-felons, there are numerous articles from the company about the topic.

9. Motorola

Motorola is a company that focuses on selling smartphones. Working for Motorola does not require a clean record, although a background check may be necessary. Specifically, Motorola’s background check page states these restrictions

“Supplier agrees not to assign any individual to perform services on Motorola premises who has been convicted of any serious crime involving violence or threat of violence, theft or other dishonest conduct, drugs or controlled substances, computer-related crimes, or similar crimes which create an increased risk to persons or property located on Motorola’s premises."

Applicants whose criminal history does not involve any of the above may find Motorolla a great opportunity for employment.

10. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a popular fast-food chain. This restaurant chain will hire anyone willing to work and make a nice ice cream cone.

Dairy Queen does not typically do background checks, but they can, depending on the area. The Indeed review page has former employees who explain that background checks are typically for managers only.


Countless companies are working to turn the stigma against ex-felons around. Many companies now take part in the Ban the Box movement and other similar organizations.

In fact, there are even some strong arguments as to why employers should want to actively hire individuals with criminal records . Good luck on your job search!