5 Top job search tips

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

For the last 20 years, Charlie Meek has led creative and brand marketing …


Searching for jobs is not always easy, can create a lot of tension, rejection being very time consuming. Plus if you had limited experience in what is a very competitive job market, these key areas can help improve your chances of landing that next job.


Net working can be a great way to hear about new opportunities and get recommendations about new roles. Companies often encourage their employees to put forward talent where needed. This saves them money and also jumps you to the front of the queue. having someone that is trusted within the company vouch for you can go a long way.

Also networking can also help you with learning more about your industry and helping you progress within your role. What can you learn from like minded people within the industry. Attend events, reach out to new people. This all helps you within an interview scenario too, enabling you to show you you are furthering your career outside of the day to day work environment.

Use your resume to attract potential opportunities

Rather than spending hours searching job sites, make your resume work for you. Upload your resume with online and you could save yourself a lot of time and effort job hunting. Our system will match you to any new roles we have online but also go out and find you a role to match you. Plus if you get hired in a new job with us - then after 90 days in your new job, get the equivalent to up to 5% of your first year’s annual salary on a Visa® Prepaid Reward Card.

Target companies

Think strategically about who you want to work for next. Look at the best employers in ratings and reviews. Make sure you follow companies in the area, who are the best performing or biggest hirers. Has a company just won a huge contract. get in touch to see if they are going to be hiring. Reaching out can show good initiative and get you an early interview.

Look for a new job even if you are happy in your current role

Believe it or not - job searching helps if you practice. Get comfortable with where to look and what is needed. Make sure your resume is up to date, and you could sell yourself if you decide to make that next move. While you might like the job you are in, stay on top of the market as you never know when your dream job becomes available so you don’t want to miss out because you were not prepared.

If you are looking make sure you stay positive. You are not going to get an interview for every jobs you apply for so don’t let the job search get you down.

Reach out to specialist recruiters

A recruiter is always looking for quality candidates, plus they are usually the first person to know about a new role before it is even advertised. They will also have jobs that may not appear on the usual channels. Also pick someone who recruits in your industry. They will understand your skill set and will be much better suited selling you to a potential employer.

While they might not have anything now, they will definitely reach out to you once they find something. Let them do the hard work for you.