8 Tips For Applying For Jobs & Returning To Work Post COVID-19

Arran Stewart

Arran Stewart

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Things are slowly returning to normal for a large part of the world. And with normalcy comes having to return to the workforce.

There is no denying that the global job market crashed during the pandemic, leading to job losses or cutbacks, but thanks to the vaccine rollout, things are finally starting to improve . Indeed, people on both sides of the aisle are finally agreeing that the job market is getting better.

Feeling a little lost on how to get back into the swing of things? There are several tips and tricks that you can apply to secure your next job. This article will list eight tips for applying for jobs and returning to work in a post-COVID world.’s Top Eight Tips

Below are the top eight tips for applying to jobs as the economy is beginning to recover and the job market improves!

1. Be Confident

Being confident is one of the best ways to secure anything that you want in life. And even if you’re not confident, faking it will go a long way.

Those who are confident will often draw attention to them from the right people. To be confident, you have to believe that you are the right fit for any position you’re applying for. Being confident also means that you can handle rejection professionally.

Rejection comes with applying for jobs. Even really famous media figures have gone through their series of rejections. Remaining confident throughout the job hunting process can help you maintain a good headspace.

A lot of people are now dealing with mental issues on top of existing job problems. Don’t let any rejection get you down for too long.

2. Apply, Apply, Apply

Sending out mass applications can work to your benefit if you require a job ASAP.

It’s important to note that you will only want to send out mass applications if you are comfortable with any job. You are likely to receive at least a few offers for an interview back. These offers can boost your confidence amid your job search.

Even if you don’t necessarily plan on accepting the job, this can be a fantastic way to make sure your interviewing skills are up to snuff. After all, the pandemic hit us all hard, and you may have fallen out of practice. The more interviews you do, the more comfortable you will feel when you land the one you want!

3. Gauge the Market

Doing your research on who is hiring in your area or your work field is a good way to land a job. Applying won’t do you a whole lot of good if the business isn’t hiring.

This may be a good time to reevaluate your career trajectory and develop skills in a new or growing field.

You can check the job market online, but don’t neglect your local area. A lot of small businesses are currently struggling to find staff. A quick drive through your town or city can open up a lot of options that might not be online.

Jobs likely to seek employees currently include:

  • Hospital staff
  • Truck drivers
  • Restaurant workers
  • Hotel employees
  • Factory workers

4. Utilize the Internet

The internet is now a major way in which companies and future employees can connect. Due to the rise of technology and the internet, the job market is different now.

Those who are freelance workers can connect with others and advertise their business in minutes. Underground musicians are becoming famous due to a singular viral video. Social media is more than just a way to connect with friends; it’s also a viable marketing tool.

Indeed, it is also possible to find a job through social media. By searching on your favorite platform, you can often find job listings that may be in your area or field. For example, Twitter is a fantastic resource to both see who is hiring and learn about a company’s ethos.

When searching for a job through social media, be safe and use common sense. Ensure that any company you apply for is reputable.

5. Work on a Skill and Educate Yourself

Many people took the pandemic as a time to hone in on an underlying hobby or passion. But these hobbies can be profitable if you know how to go about selling your skill.

Freelance work has become a growing trend. This trend is likely due to people having extra downtime to work on their skills. It’s the perfect opportunity to further your education and learn something new that could lead to a new career in the long term.

It’s critical to consider that most freelance work can take some time to show a real profit. However, the more you learn, the more skills you’ll have to help you set yourself apart in a competitive market.

6. Be Patient and Say Thanks

The economy is currently in a vulnerable state. Millions of American lives were altered during the pandemic. Even large corporate owners took a hit as the world stood still for a year.

A lot of companies are working as hard as they can to continue to stay afloat and hire more staff. Even after sending out a hundred applications, you may not hear from anyone right away.

One way to stand out from the crowd is to send your interviewer a thank-you note after the interview . Not only is it the polite thing to do, but it will keep you fresh in their mind as they go through all possible candidates.

7. Prepare a Resume

A resume is an essential part of job searching. Any time you apply, you will need to provide information about yourself and your job history. Professional jobs will require a well-written resume, so make sure to take your time when filling it out.

8. It May Be Time to Change Careers

As you work on growing new skills and developing a new knowledge base, you may realize that your old career isn’t actually for you.

Don’t think of this as starting over, either. In fact, over half of the workforce is open to a change in their career path. You can take the experiences you have from another career, coupled with any new skills you’ve developed, and apply those to positions you might otherwise feel you lack the experience for.

Remember, things like managerial experience or even stellar customer service can be applied to a wide variety of fields.

Hard Work Pays Off

Getting back to work can be a slow process, but it is possible. By making a list of where your strengths lie, you can build the self-confidence you need to land a job—even one in a new field!