Applying for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

Arran Stewart

Arran Stewart

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Sometimes a company will post several job listings that match your resume. Maybe you have interdisciplinary skills that qualify you for multiple positions. Each of them sounds interesting, and you really need to get a job.

Before applying for multiple jobs at the same company, ensure you consider the implications. While you could increase your chances of getting an interview, the company may view you as a less serious candidate.

There are many nuances to applying for multiple jobs at the same company. It can be a viable strategy to get a job if done correctly.

Keep reading to learn how to apply for several positions correctly.

Is it Bad to Apply for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company?

The answer is not straightforward. Depending on the rank, industry, company, and leadership, it may or may not be bad to apply for multiple jobs at one business.

Sending in more applications increases your chances of someone reviewing your resume, but it can make you seem desperate if the forms all go to one hiring manager. If you want something entry-level, you can usually get away with sending several applications.

You would have better luck applying to different departments for higher-level positions. After all, corporate jobs often receive 250 applications and you want to stand out. If the jobs you apply for are distinct, you can apply to all of the ones you qualify for.

As long as you seem enthusiastic about the company in question, you should be able to apply for as many positions as you can. Ensure your application differs for each one to match the position to show that you put thought into it and are not spamming for any job available.

The Risks of Applying to Too Many Jobs at Once

While you can apply to multiple jobs, there is such a thing as too many.

You could look desperate for any job, showing that you do not care about the position or company. The hiring manager may assume that you only want money, and they often take a mere six seconds to assess your application.

You will need to show passion for the organization and job to indicate that you want that position and aren’t applying to everything available.

Employers may find you unqualified, especially if you use the same application for each job. People who do not understand their expertise will apply for anything that vaguely matches their experience.

By considering your talents and interests, you can narrow down your options to only apply for the jobs you best qualify for.

Steps to Consider Before Applying for Multiple Positions

You need to consider a few ideas before submitting multiple applications to one or more companies.

First, figure out what you want out of a job. Sending in tons of applications for positions you do not care about will only lead to dissatisfaction for you and your employer. Write down your skills and interests to determine what speaks to you.

Cross-reference your educational and experience-based qualifications with your interests to see where you could excel. Then, read the listing descriptions for the company to see if your skills and passions align with the positions

If you meet the base qualifications (citizenship, language, availability, residency) and 80% of the others, you can apply. However, you do not want to apply for too many jobs at one company. Narrow down the list to ones that you could envision yourself enjoying for years.

Applying to several companies gives you more freedom. You should still follow the above steps, but you will not need to narrow down your positions as much. If you are looking to apply for as many jobs as possible, you can repeat these steps for every company you like.

You may even stumble upon one that doesn’t care about you submitting several applications!

How to (Successfully) Apply to More Than One Job at the Same Company

Once you have chosen a few jobs, you can start submitting applications by following these steps.

Start by tailoring your application, cover letter, and resume to match the listing. Prioritize the skills and experiences on your resume that match that position best, and emphasize your enthusiasm for the company and job on each cover letter.

Hiring managers notice if you send the same forms multiple times, and they may dismiss you as spam.

You may wish to contact the hiring manager to see their thoughts on submitting multiple applications. Some companies may keep your resume and contact you for any positions you match, so they may discourage sending in several forms.

Also, you can explain why you are applying for several positions, your qualifications and passions, and show that you are not just spamming.

After applying, wait for one to two weeks before calling the company again. Question the progress of your application to see if they want you. You could accelerate the process of getting an interview, or find out earlier on that they preferred a different candidate.

If they chose another applicant, you should ask about an informational interview to answer your questions about the business and their ideal candidate. Try to gush to the organization about how you would love to work for them.

You may show that you are an attractive candidate for future positions, which may lead to them keeping tabs on your resume.

Additional Tips for Applying for Multiple Positions

Here are a few more tips to consider when applying for multiple positions:

  • Avoid seeming overly enthusiastic or obsessive with the company by limiting the communication. While seeming proactive helps, you should not flood the company with messages.

  • Try to contact current employees to gauge how the company feels about someone applying to multiple positions. You do not want to waste time on a business that will toss out your applications.

  • Only apply to jobs you could see yourself enjoying in six months. If you are only trying to get a paycheck, recruiters will notice and not consider your application.

As long as you consider your talents and interests, research the organization and job thoroughly, narrow down your options, change up your forms, and explain your actions to recruiters, you can get away with applying for multiple jobs at the same company.