You are thinking about Mondays all wrong

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

For the last 20 years, Charlie Meek has led creative and brand marketing …


There are a lot of people that feel that we are all working for the weekend, but when it comes to actually getting work completed, Monday is the proven to be the most productive day.So why are Mondays so misunderstood and why do we dread them so much? It is because most people are seeing them all wrong. And here is why.

Make the most of your weekends

Weekends are your time to switch off, catch up on sleep - leave the emails and work stress behind. This is what everyone needs but we forget what that actually does for us when we arrive in work on a Monday. After a good rest Monday should be the time you feel motivated and most rested out of every work day. Make sure you make it count.

Mondays are a new start

Mondays are the best time for work because they feel like a fresh start. You are rested and you have had the time away to consider what you need to get done and what to prioritize. Monday is a great day for saying goodbye to yesterday, wiping your slate clean, and setting your new goals. Create a clear list of what you want to achieve.

Mondays are a time for focus

Focus is often at its highest at the beginning of a work week. The key to starting off the workweek in high productivity mode is being ready. Look at your priorities for the week and then appropriately apply your highest level of concentration to the hardest tasks first. Completing difficult tasks early on with give you great satisfaction and clear a path for more creativity and flexibility throughout the rest of the week.

Be prepared before Monday arrives

Prepare for the week on Friday afternoon, before heading home for the weekend. Be sure to set aside at least 30 uninterrupted minutes before you leave your desk to regroup and map out an action plan for when you arrive on Monday. That way you can hit the ground running when you get back into the office.

While everyone else is falling asleep in their coffee mugs, you will be getting stuff done.

Avoid Monday morning meetings if possible

Allow so time to go through emails, complete key tasks before you jump straight into meetings. When you start to organize your Mondays by your priorities, productivity, and rewards then you feel great about your accomplishments and allow you to then be more focused when attending meetings later in the week.

Enjoy Mondays when others don’t

Every Monday is an opportunity to experience something new, or create something unexpected. On Mondays, everything is ahead of you.

Monday is as good as Friday or Sunday. Great achievements in life goes hand in hand with a lot of work so embrace it while other people are more likely to be grumpy. Go in to work with the attitude that you are going to achieve. While everyone else is falling asleep in their coffee mugs, you will be getting stuff done.